One of the most difficult aspects of directing both public and private institutions today is moving at a velocity of adaptiveness that can respond to rapidly evolving technical, political, and social contexts.
Our strategic services provide insight and perspective to corporations and governments looking to transform into agile organizations powered by open source infrastructure that forms an evolving platform with a thriving community.

We produce white papers, run intensive workshops, provide embedded consulting, and develop digital prototypes and speculative design materials like films, to support our clients’ strategic brainstorming and decision-making processes.


Through process development, mentorship and leadership support we help organisations adopt the agile and open management practices necessary to keep up with the ever increasing pace of technological and societal change.

We offer concrete help setting up Open Source programmes and help developing mature Public Code development methodologies.

Design & Development

Whether as an innovation project to extend the envelope of digital services our clients’ provide to themselves or their users, or as a rethinking of legacy systems that have outlived their technical or contractual lifespan, Vurb.Agency can provide a user-centered, open source and agile design and development to deliver responsive, inclusive, adaptive solutions. Our practices include full stack development of cloud services, mobile and environmental applications, and policy/service/process design solutions.

Hosting & Infrastructure

We offer hosted instances of popular community maintained Open Source projects for cities making the barrier for using them as low as possible. We work actively with companies and public administrations that use and develop these projects to make the hosted services both of the highest possible quality as well as the easiest to use. We also offer infrastructure for Agile and Open development.

Support & Maintenance

Our support services range from helping cities, corporations, and other institutions deploy and maintain open source and/or public software services to supporting the users of these service in their interactions with the deployed systems.

Marketing & Communications

Open Source really shines at scale, the more users a code has the more effective its maintenance and development becomes. We build strong inclusive, diverse, international and connected communities that can solve problems together.

Through storytelling we build strong narratives that can activate citizens, businesses and public administrations alike.