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Tamil Dictionary definitions for Strategy. Strategy: உத்தி. Strategy: யுக்தி,வியூகம். Strategy definition Noun. The science of military command, or the science of projecting campaigns and directing great military movements; generalship.

Blue Sapphire Properties Blue Sapphire is of the Corundum variety. It's an aluminium oxide mineral that occurs in prismatic rhombohedral, bipyramidal, or tabular crystals. Found in Sri Lanka, it can also form as massive or granular habits. It A translation tells you the meaning of words in another language. For E.G the translation of "India is multicultural country" would be "இந்தியா பல பண்பாட்டு நாடு" in Tamil. You can use various online tool for translating word, sentence and phrase from English to Tamil for FREE. Tamil Song Lyrics app contains all new and old tamil song lyrics with small details about the song. You can find all new songs and old songs by clicking in our tiny small search icon. You can even search based on years and movies. All movies listed in our app contain popular songs for now. In few weeks or days we will add complete songs from each movies. Our app contains : 1. Latest song ...

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